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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why did I receive a W9 in the mail?

  • W9 Corrections is contracted by Third Party Administrators (TPA) and other entities to help manage their 1099 files before it is time to file with the IRS. According to the companies that have retained W9 Corrections, the Tax Identification Number (TIN) and Name on their records, do not match the IRS’s record. Therefore, they are requesting a copy of your W9 to help correct their files.

2. What company is requesting this information?

  • The company requesting a copy of your W9 would be an entity that is required to file 1099s annually. Please refer to your letter to see the specific company that is requesting a copy of your W9.

3. What should I do with the W9?

You should complete the W9. Then return the completed W9 to W9 Corrections by way of:

  • Electronically filling in your information here (add link to “For Providers” page) then you can upload a copy of your W9 on the same page (PDFs Only)
  • Faxing the W9 to (803) 909-8539
  • Mailing the completed W9 to 498 Lakeshore Parkway, Rock Hill, SC 29730

4. What happens if I do not respond to my request of a W9?

If the TPA does not receive a copy of a W9 or obtain your IRS verified TIN and Name after a request has been made, you may be subject to backup withholding at a rate of 28% according to Publication 1281 as published by the IRS.

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