Do you have provider database issues? Let’s face it. The answer is always yes.

So what are you doing about it?

That seems to be a bit harder to answer. Too often we hear “well… we’re trying to create something in house” or “we keep having meetings after meetings discussing this but there isn’t a clear cost-effective answer”.  

BASELoad’s CEO and President, Gerard Szatkowski, was just like you. Over 20 years ago, fed up with provider database issues and no one offering a real, cost effective answer, he decided to create his own solutions. Yes, I said that right, ‘solutions’, as in more than one. With these custom solutions, BASELoad has been able to achieve a 98-99% provider matching accuracy.

With the Clean Up service, in our series of solutions, BASELoad cleans, validates, and fulfills provider databases. During the cleanup process, the duplicate information is identified, flagged, and a BLI key is assigned to a master file. All the additional duplicates become inactive and are pointed to that master file using that key. This way past information isn’t lost or deleted, but also not cluttering the database. Also, during the cleanup process, the provider database goes through a series of utilities including name parsing, name normalization, address normalization, and address verification.

Finally, if you have any missing information, we offer fulfillment. Fields we can fulfill are phone/fax numbers, NPIs, taxonomy codes, specialty codes, license numbers, and Medicare/Medicaid numbers.

SureHit, EDI Provider Matching Service

The Clean Up service is a one-time service, so we recommend also immediately starting SureHit, our EDI provider matching services, after the cleanup as the ongoing solutions. Think about your database as a car. Just because you wash and detail your car today doesn’t mean it’s going to be as clean tomorrow or next week. You need a system in place to maintain that cleanliness, and that is exactly what SureHit offers.

Most importantly, all our services are completely secure. In addition to being Soc2Type2 certified, BASELoad goes above and beyond to make sure that your information is safe.

In need of a database cleanup or want to learn more about BASELoad’s custom solutions? Give us a call or email us at and take provider database issues off the agenda for the next meeting.