We think that everyone can agree, returned mail is the most annoying thing ever. Not only do you have to invest time, energy and resources into these mailings, but when its returned and stacks up, it just stares at you like you don’t have anything better to do with your time. It also reminds you of all the already wasted time and effort.

BASELoad & W-9 Corrections has made Address Validation a key feature in many service offerings, such as the The 1099 Solution, Provider Database Cleanup, and SureHit. With this feature, healthcare payers can be confident that time-sensitive and important documents are mailed correctly, the first time.

The 1099 Solution

W-9 Corrections is the original creators of The 1099 Solution and is a BASELoad company. Through this yearly services, W-9 Corrections fixes the Tax Id and IRS Legal Name combinations on the payer’s 1099s. As for the addresses, W-9 Corrections determines if the addresses are deliverable. If they are not, using our Internal Virtual Network, we substitute the bad address for a known, deliverable address which we have seen with that Tax Id. Finally, through this service we proactively mail W-9s, B and 2nd B Notices on the payer’s behalf. 

Provider Database Cleanup

During BASELoad’s Provider Database Cleanup, addresses are validated with the use of our internal Virtual Network and the United States Postal Service’s database. For deliverable addresses, we normalize the information to the USPS standard, which includes the correct abbreviations for words like Road and Street. We ensure that the information is in the respective Address 1, Address 2, City, and State fields. Finally, we provide payers the Zip+4 and County.


SureHit is BASELoad’s ongoing EDI Provider Matching service that matches incoming 837 claims/medical bills to the correct providers on the payer’s database with a 98-99% matching accuracy. During SureHit, if an 837 claim/medical bill does not match an existing provider, BASELoad will create a new, cleansed and address validated provider record to be loaded into the database. Using the same address validation routines and logic as the Provider Database Cleanup, payers can maintain the best, most up-to-date addresses and provider information. It is strongly recommended to implement SureHit immediately following the Cleanup.

1099s and Provider Data is BASELoad and W-9 Corrections specialty. For more information about these, and many more BASELoad and W-9 Corrections service offerings, please visit our websites, send us an email at info@W9Corrections.com or give us a call at (704) 424-9889. Let us know how we can best help you with your 1099 and Provider Data needs!