The 1099 Solution saves payers significant costs in time and expenses, as well as in fees and fines from the IRS. None of our 1099 Solution clients have ever paid a fine to the IRS for TIN/Legal Name Mismatches.

The 1099 Solution is an efficient systematic service that removes the headache of filing and reduces the amount of time spent on meeting IRS requirements.

The 1099 Solution is there with you every step of the way — with responsive customer service, quarterly processing and W-9 mailings to stay ahead of the end-of-year rush.

Is W-9 Corrections Right for you?

Our W-9 Corrections solution for TPAs, PPOs, Workers Comp, and Health Plan Payers, allows easy filing of accurate medical provider 1099s with the IRS. Our solution is a mix of personal service, proven process, and the leveraging of large amounts of medical provider data.